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Developed in 2017, Beddingku.com aims to be The Ultimate One Stop Solution to customer’s sleeping and bedroom needs.  We realize that one size does not fit all, especially when it comes to the comfort of our beds!

We all know that we spend basically one-third of our lives in bed. When that third is spent getting the proper kind of sleep, the other two-thirds of our lives are so much more pleasant and productive. 

As the first ecommerce site that specializes in everything bedding, we're focused on the intersection of modern design, affordability and community.

The average human being spends 25 years of their life sleeping, most of which is time spent in the bedroom. Everything we sell— from mattresses and pillows to candles and pajamas - is made with one goal in mind: to help our customers express their personal style at home and in the world.

Where We’re Located

Community Matters. We're invested in the areas we serve and committed to making a difference, both locally and globally. This means we carry products from both local and international makers and we empower sellers to tailor their own inventory.

We are headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our online shop spreads our footprint wide, shipping products anywhere in Indonesia and to over 90 countries worldwide. Basically, we're everywhere you are.

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